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Second Passport

Freedom can be characterized as the ability or right to act, speak or think as one wants without constraint. Outside of the human realm, freedom generally does not have any political dimension. People should be able to live, study and work anywhere on the surface of the earth without any constraint.

Unfortunately, freedom may not extend to where you chose to reside or travel without complying with certain norms in immigration law or practice. Many people prefer to live in a country where they feel safe, where there are good hospitals, excellent transportation network, necessary infrastructure, employment opportunity, good schools, adequate security, functional and stable government, good weather and attractive investment opportunities.

The majority of Wealthy people worldwide understand the importance of freedom of movement more than before. They are now looking to consolidate their financial independence in countries where their talents work better, and their wealth is more secured. How do they do this"

However, countries with such are very jealous of their achievements; they protect their borders from unwanted migration. They only attract people who will add value to their economy, to their countries; they attract wealthy and talented individuals. For example, the United Kingdom recently launched a new visa system designed to make legal immigration easier for highly educated migrants, business leaders, particularly those working in finance, science, research, and technology.

Global mobility is trending; in as much as one country is better than the other, either in terms of security, economy, policies or technological advancement, people will always move. According to an article published by Robert Frank on in May 2018, New York has 103 billionaires. Hong Kong is coming second. San Francisco, Moscow, London, Beijing, Singapore, and Dubai are cities on the list.

How many of them are originally from these cities? Factors such as financial stability, taxes, safety, and security make future considerations crucial and significant when decisions are made. London has a substantial number of millionaires, and the majority starts from a very humble background, some move to the city as a small startup, the same is true of many cities like San Francisco, Dubai, Geneva, soul, Beijing and a host of others.

They secure a second passport or an alternative residential status. You get to be smart to do that.

If you are interested in holding a second passport or alternative residential status, the CPJ Solicitors' team can assist.

Ade Adenikinju Esq.

CPJ Solicitors.

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