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Commercial real estate always trails residential, and as residential growth flourishes, shopping center’s flourish and service the communities, and jobs come out.


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The evolving and expanding nature of both the business environment and the vulnerable legal environment has created a complex setting that is susceptible to legal risks and pitfalls. However, when provided with expert legal advice to navigate the business environment via the use of innovative solutions suitable for commercial transactions, these pitfalls can be avoided.   

At CPJ, we have a reputation for being ambitious, creative, diligent, enterprising, and strategic. Having gathered a wealth of knowledge spanning over three decades, we have accumulated experience and understanding of the emerging and evolving market. Through the use of information communication technology, we provide strategic and innovative solutions suitable for the most complex commercial transactions. By combining our in-depth knowledge, comprehensive understanding, and transactional expertise, we provide legal advice to adept areas such as banking, commercial contract, joint ventures, commercial and trade contracts, mergers and acquisitions, private equity transactions, capital markets, corporate restructuring, and corporate governance. At the center of our corporate commercial practice is an enterprising team dedicated to providing innovative solutions tailored to meet our clients’ business needs in the field of corporate commercial law.

Banking and Finance

The banking and finance department at CPJ is known for its dynamic approach to the evolving global banking environment. Our team remain focused and at the forefront of local and international regulatory developments in the banking environment. With three decades of experience drawn from several jurisdictions around the globe, our team is well equipped to provide creative and innovative solutions tailored to meet your needs. We provide legal advisory services to lending and development financial institutions, banks, leasing companies, and investment firms. Our dynamic and strategic approach is anchored within the foundations of diligence, passion, and experience, which has made us a leading provider of top-notch solutions to the most complex of banking transactions.

Joint Ventures

The fragile nature of joint venture transactions requires a law firm with expertise and experience in this specific field. At CPJ, our corporate finance team is dedicated to providing legal advice on joint ventures and strategic alliances. Our expert knowledge of industry requirements and regulations helps us to minimise risks associated with joint venture transactions by cutting across all industries and sectors of the economy. Our portfolio also includes evidence of advising on a wide range of joint venture structures, with the ability to deal with complex and strategic issues arising from joint venture transactions.

Private Equity Transaction

The complex nature of private equity transactions requires a law firm with a culture of diligence and expertise to manage such transactions. Because CPJ is anchored to these principles, the firm is able to advise on the private equity life cycle, including fund formation, capital deployment, acquisitions, add-ons, refinancing, portfolio company management, growth and restructurings through to exit strategies. Our expertise cuts across all industries and sectors of the economy. We are well known for understanding client objectives and providing technical expertise, innovation, and a dedication to executing these deals effectively and efficiently.

Capital Markets

The volatile nature of capital markets requires a specialist provider of legal advisory services. The CPJ capital market team is synonymous with innovation and strategic solutions. We bring together experience and innovative culture to pioneer new ways of navigating the evolving capital market. This provides our clients with the confidence to trust our creative and strategic solutions anchored in diligence, passion, and experience. Our extensive experience includes equity offerings, debt offerings, sovereign, and sub-sovereign issues, securitization, structured products, and collective investment schemes.

Corporate Restructuring

CPJ has a unique, diligent and innovative manner of handling corporate restructuring. Our lawyers draw upon our vast resources, knowledge and understanding of the global business environment and prioritise clients’ needs to provide dynamic solutions to problems created due to corporate restructuring. Our pragmatic and dynamic resolutions enable our clients to achieve their strategic business goals whilst considering the business and industry challenges that may arise during the process. Our in-depth understanding of the industry in which our clients operate makes our solutions structured and specific to any needs which may arise.

Intellectual Property

Managing and protecting intellectual property has become increasingly complex for corporate and business organisations. Rapid advancements and growth in technology have led to the development of intellectual property rights infringements. We provide practical and innovative legal solutions to deal with intellectual property issues. This entails providing legal advice on the acquisition of intellectual property assets, due diligence and audits of intellectual property, documentation and licensing, and settlements of disputes arising from intellectual property transactions. Our expertise, gained during corporate commercial practice and whilst providing legal advice to clients across multi industries, equips us with the skills to assist clients whilst navigating through the intricate web of intellectual property issues arising from commercial transactions.

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