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Oil and Gas

Clarity matters, the will to succeed is better but the will to prepare is vital.


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Oil and Gas

Our firm understand the complexity and demanding nature of the oil and gas industry; our long standing experience in this practice area ensures that our oil and gas team is familiar with the operations in the upstream, midstream and downstream sub-sectors of the oil and gas industry. We aid private and public sector oil, gas and petroleum industries participants to achieve efficient and innovative solutions to their legal, regulatory and structural challenges. A global network of integrated offices and decades of industry experience allow us to provide advice that builds upon and adapts successful practices to meet the commercial and legal requirements of today’s market.

Our activities in this area includes, project development and financings, reserve-based lending, strategic joint ventures M&A, asset finance, product sales, capital markets, trade, competition law, real estate, dispute resolution and construction and engineering as matters arise across every stage of the oil and gas value chain.

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