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With the growth of emerging markets and the volatile nature of the business environment, disputes are bound to arise. At CPJ we focus on helping our clients manage risks in all areas of their business, avoiding conflicts during business transactions at any costs. However, where such inevitable contentious disputes arise, we possess extensive experience in litigation and a wealth of knowledge of relevant laws and rules of court to manage and resolve client disputes. Our dispute resolution team diligently manage these disputes timeously, efficiently, effectively and in a cost-effective manner, all tailored to meet the clients’ business needs. We offer clients deep industry experience and outstanding services across multiple practice areas, including:

Banking & Finance Litigation

We represent commercial and investments banks, insurance companies, mortgage lenders, consumer finance companies, and other financial institutions in financial litigation involving civil, criminal and/or administrative claims and investigations before courts in Nigeria and the United Kingdom. Our litigation team is equipped with the resources and expertise to diligently resolve disputes arising from banking and finance transactions either through litigation or alternate dispute resolution approaches such as mediation, arbitration, or expert determination.

Commercial Litigation

Our litigation practice is recognised as a leader in the representation of clients in commercial disputes. We protect our clients’ interests across a full range of contentious issues that may arise during business transactions. We handle the full range of corporate and commercial disputes, including competition and antitrust litigation, class actions, fraud, data and cybersecurity breaches, among other areas.  We also have expertise in handling contentious regulatory and compliance proceedings. When handling commercial disputes, we ensure that our clients have little or no disruption to business activities. 

Employment & Labour Disputes

Our litigation expertise extends to employment and labour disputes. We offer legal advice and represent clients in labour disputes arising from employment contract issues such as unlawful termination, discrimination, restrictive covenant terms, breach of confidentiality, trade restraint clauses, infringement of employment rights, etc. Our employment and labour dispute expertise also extends to the representation of clients before all federal, states and employment tribunals in Nigeria and the United Kingdom. Our focus is always proactive and strategic.  We identify the risks at an early stage and build on this with regular, accurate advice provided in your best commercial and strategic interest. This helps to resolve litigation early or, where appropriate, defend matters vigorously through to conclusion.

Alternate Dispute Resolution

Our dispute resolution expertise also extends to alternative dispute resolution. Our wealth of experience and in-depth knowledge in the field of alternative dispute resolution covers domestic and international arbitration. Our highly skilled dispute resolution team is renowned for its devotion and diligence to resolving highly complex and complicated commercial disputes via alternative dispute resolution.

Tax Dispute Resolution

The bane of revenue generation of every government is tax. Therefore, tax laws and administration constantly evolve within the business climate to accumulate all fees and levies due to the government. Businesses and organisations often face impending tax disputes for failure to remit taxes due to the government whilst repeatedly pleading ignorance of these laws. The CPJ tax advisory frequently advises clients on tax remittance, tax planning and tax appeals. Our tax planning department helps clients spread across different sectors of the economy to take advantage of the lapses in the law to reduce tax liability. Also, we represent clients before tax tribunals and appeals where an assessment or a proposed default is in contention. Our dispute resolution team draws upon years of experience and is diligent and passionate about ensuring that the best interests of our clients are protected, and a favourable decision is obtained.

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